Kagami Biraki – First competition in a wheelchair

Bonn, Germany • January 16th, 2022

It is a lot of fun to celebrate the New Year together with friends from different clubs and to shoot at the annual animal of the past year. Only once a year it is allowed to make comments aloud, to talk nonsense and to laugh a whole lot! It would have been a pity if Jason had not been able to participate, just because he broke his leg pretty badly months ago. The wheelchair was still lacking mounts for bow and arrows, so a 5th Kyu, who was not yet allowed to shoot at full distance, was asked to assist and not to let him out of sight. And he did a fabulous job! Passing bow and arrows at the shai, backwards to the honsa and kneeling, waiting for his next assignment. What did the ‘caddy’ think of his assignment? He had never been able to watch a competition so close, in the front row, so to speak. Together they both mastered unusual situation.